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Instead of sending out a bunch of twitter spam every Friday with a list of people you should follow and ultimately forgetting someone I’ve decided to use this space to list everyone. Whenever I make significant changes to this page I’ll send out a tweet. I tried not to include everyone which means I had to leave some people out. In addition to this list I encourage you to check out the list of people I am following on twitter.

Side note: big thanks to my buddy Steve Stalder @stevestalder for coding the script that converts all @ twitter names to follow buttons. He’s a pro. Starting from the top:

(Make sure you’re signed into twitter.com so the links show up as follow buttons)

The organization

@BlueJacketsNHL – The official team account
@GMScottHowson – Scott Howson’s account, occasionally breaks news
@CBJStinger – Official twitter page for #CBJ Mascot: Stinger!
@RobMixer – Staff writer for bluejackets.com
@stephensonmc – Digital Marketing Manager for the #CBJ
@CBJ_DJ – Blue Jackets DJ
@LeoWelsh – #CBJ Anthem Singer
@ThatAvidGuy – Production Manager for the #CBJ
@ToddSharrock – Todd Sharrock, VP of Communications for the CBJ
@ddawley – Game Ops & Event Presentation Director for the CBJ
@russmollohan – Russ Mollohan, Broadcast Director for the CBJ
@kldhockey – Karen Davis, Director of Communcations for the CBJ

The Players

@CamAtkinson13 – Cam Atkinson
@ColtonGillies – Colton Gillies
@dbrassard16 – Derick Brassard
@JackJohnson3 – Jack Johnson
@JamesWisniewski – James Wisniewski
@JohnMoore_4 – John Moore
@MarcMethot3 – Marc Methot (no longer w/CBJ but must-follow anyway, Union Blue until we die, right?)
@RyanJohansen19 – Ryan Johansen
@Twigy15 – Derek Dorsett
@Umby18 – R.J. Umberger
@BDubi17 – Brandon Dubinsky
@Anisimov42 – Artem Anisimov

AHL / Prospects

This is a list of accounts I personally follow but if you want the full list, check out the comprehensive list that the great folks over at TheUnionBlue put together - http://www.theunionblue.com/prospects/

@TheFalconsAHL – Blue Jackets AHL Affiliate
@MikeFalconsAHL – Broadcaster for the Springfield Falcons
@EvvIceMen – Evansville Icemen – CBJ’s ECHL affiliate
@Prouter5 – Dalton Prout
@Drazzy1010 – Nick Drazenovic
@WhougunaCollins – Sean Collins
@cgoloubef27 – Cody Goloubef
@Byzee34 – Dane Byers
@MattCalvert11 – Matt Calvert
@MichaelChaput62 – Micheal Chaput
@OliverGabriel11 – Oliver Gabriel
@amadaisky – Austin Madaisky
@AMarchessault18 -  Jonathan Andy-Marchessault
@OscarDansk – Oscar Dansk
@CrimsonChin_ – Gianluca Curcuruto
@mreilly93 – Mike Reilly
@ZaarDaniel – Daniel Zaar
@antonforsberg1 – Anton Forsberg
@hans_solo21 – Jake Hansen
@blomqvistA – Anton Blomqvist
@jkorpisalo – Joonas Korpisalo


@jrimercbj – Jeff Rimer – #CBJ Play by play announcer for Fox Sports OH
@bdavidge99 – Bill Davidge – #CBJ broadcast analyst for Fox Sports OH
@DMaetzMedia – Dave Maetzold – Co-host of the #CBJ pre & post-game shows on Fox Sports OH
@NatalieKTaylor – Natalie Taylor – Rink-side reporter and Fox Sports OH host
@greegor23 – Steph Greegor – writer for FoxSportsOH.com
@LoriSchmidt – Lori Schmidt – Reporter for 97.1 The Fan
@cbjradio – Blue Jackets radio
@Rob10TVSports – Executive Sports Producer for 10TV
@BeauBishop – Sports Anchor for 10TV
@SMitchCD – Shawn Mitchell – #CBJ beat writer for the Dispatch (RT’s everything Porty says so you don’t have to follow Porty)
@DaveSeaman94 – Dave Seaman – Writer for columbuswired.net
@Trav_Prod – Producer for the CBJ Pre and Post game shows on FSOhio

Bloggers & New Media

@DarkBlueJacket – Tom – Head blogger for darkbluejacket.com
@astall35 – Alex Stallings – Blogger for darkbluejacket.com
@gallosdbj – Gallos – Blogger for darkbluejacket.com

Jackets Cannon
@cbjcannon – Official account of jacketscannon.com
@mejmaclean – Mike MacLean – Head blogger for jacketscannon.com
@bzarcher – Matt Wagner – Blogger for jacketscannon.com
@DP_Cannon – Dan P. – Blogger for jacketscannon.com

The Union Blue
@UnionBlueCBJ – Official account of blog theUnionBlue.com
@Canadan82 – Dan Edwards – Head blogger for theUnionBlue.com
@TheCoachUB – The Coach – Blogger for theUnionBlue.com
@AlisonL – Alison “Luks” Lukan – blogger for theUnionBlue.com, Twitter mom
@CBJProspects – Jas Chaffin – Blogger for theUnionBlue.com, resident prospects geek
@derdrache – #CBJ fan, photographer, beard

Light The Lamp
@lightthelamp – Head blogger for lightthelamp.com
@EPLightTheLamp – blogger for LightTheLamp.com

Fire That Cannon
@FireThatCannon – Blogger FireThatCannon.com
@FiredUpCannon – Mary O’Malley – Head blogger for Fire That Cannon

The Hockey Writers
@JeffLittleTHW – Jeff Little – Blogger for TheHockeyWriters.com

Full Mental Jackets
@gregin120 – Greg May – Blogger for fullmentaljackets.com
@rickgethin – Rick Gethin – Blogger for FullMentalJackets.com

Martini Hockey
@MartiniHockey – Blogger for MartiniHockey.net

Fire The Cannon
@FireTheCannon – Craig L. – blogger for FireTheCannon.com

Pepsi Power Patrol / KIA Ice Crew

@AndriaGray – Andria Gray – Pepsi Power Patrol
@slanouette33 – Saundrine Lanouette – Kia Ice crew
@kallimcclure – Kalli McClure – Pepsi Power Patrol
@Life_SizeBarbie – Annie – Pepsi Power Patrol
@EmileeAnn25 – Emilee Levin – Pepsi Power Patrol
@Ayyypril – April Lynn – Kia Ice crew
@jackie_hobbs – Jackie Hobbs
@ShererR19 – Rachel Sherer – Pepsi Power Patrol
@KaeceeSeverance – Kaecee Severance – Pepsi Power Patrol
@ErinLynnn3 – Erin Simon – Kia Ice crew
@DanaMarie8H – Dana Langshaw – Pepsi Power Patrol
@GraceMarie1013 – Grace Langshaw – Pepsi Power Patrol
@Heather_Lynae – Heather Hicks – Kia Ice Crew

The Fans

There are too many #CBJ fans on twitter to list here so I tried to list the ones I have actually met in person or interact with frequently. For more fans that are not on this list, check out my list of people I’m following liked above.

@ArchCityArmy – #CBJ fan organization
@ArchCityZach – Zach Prater – #CBJ Fan, ACA member
@bigtrulz03 – Tyler S. – #CBJ Fan
@brettemichel – Brett “Eyeheart Methot” Michel – #CBJ fan & Methot fangirl
@bunktuzzi44 – Brian – #CBJ fan, positive attitude expert
@cmanesh_ – Cyrus Manesh – #CBJ fan & master of memes
@CPFro3 – Chris P – #CBJ Fan, unfortunately a U of Florida fan as well
@Cujorulesdtown9 – Robert – #CBJ fan, F1 fan, Fellow photoshopper
@elan2802 – Nikki Ellis – #CBJ Fan
@En4cer45 – Jas Chaffin – #CBJ fan, also goes by @CBJProspects
@frickindannie – Dannie Browne – #CBJ fan and lover of all things Russell
@JeffSvoboda – Jeff Svoboda – #CBJ fan and writer for Buckeye Sports Bulletin
@johntkemp – John Kemp – #CBJ Fan
@kschroeder1720 – Kevin Schroeder – “Dancing Kevin”, #CBJ Folk Hero
@michealw31 – Micheal Wass – #CBJ fan, airplane photographer
@Neroon – Bill Ernst – #CBJ Fan
@NotJustAnyChick – Sharon Marmon – #CBJ Fan & Marc Methot fangirl
@PhotogBlake – Chris Blake – #CBJ Fan, Photographer for WBNS
@ProjectPsion – Tyler – #CBJ Fan, loves hats
@RockmanHalo – “Capslock Brett” Ireland – #CBJ Fan, loud
@SirChadlyOC – Chad Garvin – #CBJ Fan & master of the well timed one-liner
@Skraut_ – Tom Larrow – Makes the CannonFest videos we’ve all seen and love
@SumthingFun – Katherine Carr – #CBJ fan & babysitter
@unclepg – Tim – #CBJ fan
@VanessaGarvin – Chad Garvin’s wife
@WakeUpChris – Chris Walker – #CBJ Fan
@zekebud – Matt Souva – #CBJ Fan, advanced hockey stats lover

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