Recap: Game 01 – #CBJ @ Nashville

Foligno & Joey celebrate

This is strangely the first time I’ve gotten a chance to do a game recap on this blog. I’d never actually taken the time to figure out how I was going to go about doing these. Everyone else can tell you what happened and how guys looked but I’m going to do things a little differently. I’ll start with some thoughts on the game and then transition into sharing one of my favorite post-game past-times with you: reading all of the CBJ hate from the other team’s fans.

So… where to begin? (I’m still figuring this out, afterall). Guess I’ll start with who impressed me during the game.


  1. Artem Anisimov – Wow… this guy. I know we expected him to be a rock solid player that has the potential to score some goals but he put on quite a display on Saturday. His (first) backhand shelf goal over Pekka Rinne’s shoulder while being molested by a Predators player was a thing of beauty. If Artie can keep this up, we’ve got a potential star in the making. Only time will tell.
  2. Nick Foligno – Showed some great offensive moves and a willingness to battle in front of the net that earned him a goal off a Fedor Tyutin blast. Was very close to scoring a second goal but some bad puck luck kept it out of the net.
  3. Sergei BOBROVSKY – Bobs let in an easy one early but, while I haven’t seen the full replay, I’ve been told that it was a 100% screen and might have deflected off of Wiz’s stick. Despite that, he never threw in the towel and battled hard all night. He almost made it look easy out there, but there were a couple hairy moments, especially late in the 3rd period. The other goal was off of a fluky play where Bobs lost his stick which was wedged between his legs and the puck went through Nikitin’s legs, redirected right through Bob’s five hole, which he was unable to fully close because his stick was stuck between.
  4. Ryan Johansen – Joey, by almost all accounts, had a rough showing early on in camp. He was out-worked and manhandled the entire first day of camp. I heard he got better every day as the week went on but I wasn’t able to get out to see for myself. Many expected him to go back to Springfield to get #1 C minutes but he surprisingly made the opening night roster. And it’s a damn good thing he did too. Joey was clearly in mid-season form against the Preds on Saturday. He was out-hustling  Nashville all night and showed a couple offensive flashes that, if he can convert, will be highlight reel goals.
  5. Fedor Tyutin - Tyuts had a very good outing. He played defensively solid and had the primary assist on both regulation goals. The feed to Anisimov on the 2-2 tying goal was absolutely beautiful. I went back and rewound it just to see who made the pass.
  6. Matt Calvert – Matty Hustle… and boy did he ever. Last time we saw Calvert in Columbus he was doing a whole lot of nothing. Howson said in one of the “Behind the Battle” episodes that Matt was a little bitter after being sent down and it took him a while to re-focus in Springfield. Since then, Howson is on record as saying he considered Calvert to be one of their best players in Springfield (on a team loaded with guys like Cam, JAM and Joey). Calvert has even been known to drop the gloves a few times for the Falcons (and twice in one game if I recall correctly). He’s added quite a bit of grit to his game and it showed on Saturday. He’s got the confidence to match his speed and he’s not afraid to get in the middle of the action and battle it out.
  7. Derick Brassard – Brass reminded me just how good his vision and hockey sense is on Saturday. The C.U.B. line looked a little rusty as a group but each player looked good individually. Once they start clicking again I’m seeing 20+ assists in Brassard’s future.
  8. BollWeberJared Boll – Yes… Jared Boll. I’m usually one of the first to complain about Boll being worthless on this roster. Most of that is based on his play last season where he did a whole lot of losing fights and made a lot of borderline dirty hits. If you watch highlight videos from the past few seasons you’ll see that Boll actually used to have some pretty OK offensive moves. He must have put them on the shelf last season because they were nowhere to be found. Boll actually found himself in the right place at the right time several times with some good offensive chances. In addition to that he had a crazy good clean open-ice hit that lead to Shea Weber’s ill-advised attempt at retaliation. Weber managed to get himself the extra 2 after their brief scrum, taking him off the ice for 7ish minutes. Anisimov went on to score the tying goal during Weber’s stint in the box. Weber for Boll? I’ll take that trade any day.

Not so much:

  1. No one. For the first time in a long time I can say that there wasn’t one player that I thought “Wow he’s having a bad game”. There were mistakes, of course. Brass had a couple turnovers, Nikitin missed a couple passes on the blue line that let the puck out of the zone, Wiz and JJ’s (“El Dorado”) firing squad seemed to be hitting high or wide on every shot. But as a team they played a great game and it was a great team win.

Oh the hate:

For a couple years now I’ve loved going into the opposing team’s HF Boards game thread and reading their hate for the CBJ. I’ve decided to share some of their hate with you this season:

torero predicts:

Can’t believe it’s herre !!

Pred 5 – 1 CBJ … hat trick by Roman Josi

Webersmashpuck says:

Smith is flying. And our defense looks like it will be fine without Suter.

To which Everlong replies:

Keep in mind it is Columbus. 

brah must have seen something no one else did on Boll’s hit:

clearly left his feet


ZombPred didn’t like Boll’s penalty box antics:

Boll being a punk to the fans in the box.

And dknash was smelling conspiracy:

Refs must really feel sorry for Columbus or something.

After Anisimov ties it up:

worstfaceoffmanever: Gaustad just got abused…
dknash: soft
PredsV82: Holy **** that was bad…. rinne looking less than stellar tonite
Everlong: Soft play on Anisimov, bah. Shouldn’t have even made it that far in close.

After the goal the Jackets started to carry the play and the Preds fans weren’t too pleased:

BorqueBorqueBork: We’re letting them control the puck a bit too much in the D zone.
golfmade: If the purpose at the moment is to let Rinne face all kinds of shots from various angles we’re doing a great job.
ZombPred: Wish we had traitor toots to knock Boll on his butt.
golfmade: 2-2 after 2 periods. Boll taking liberties with several players that period.
PredsV82: Weber needs to redeem his stupidity… Rinne is gonna let in at least one more tonight, I fear….

Not a whole lot happened after that but Preds fans had some nice things to say about Bob:

PredsV82: his two goals earlier may have been kinda weak but Bobrovsky is saving CBJ’s bacon in OT

On to the shootout!

PredsV82: frakkkk…. that backhand is just unstoppable…. the Fiddler move..
Machinehead (a NYR fan pops in): Oh not Anisimov. Now it’s weird
golfmade: Wow, what a goal by Anisimov.
Paranoid Android: Anisimov has some sweet hands. Second backhand “goal” tonight
worstfaceoffmanever: We lost the moment Brassard scored, regardless of what Smith does…
golfmade: ****ity **** ****, ****!
brah: awww look how happy they are, its cute

Finally I’ll leave you with a comment from Legionnaire11:

And everyone said how badly the Jackets did in that trade. I think they brought in some really good players and improved the TEAM as a whole. Sucks that I used to like Anisimov too, I can tell already that i’ll hate him in a hurry.

Atkinson and Foligno will be good, and Bobrovsky is the best goalie they’ve ever had (once they learn to anticipate and clear his rebounds).

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