Photoshop Contest – Win #CBJSocial Station tickets to Monday’s game vs the Stars

First things first, what is the #CBJSocial Station? Well… how about I let the Blue Jacket’s site give you the facts and point you towards my buddies over at The Union Blue sharing their Social Station experience from opening night.

Now that you’ve read both of those (you did read both of those, right?) you should have a good idea what the Social Station is all about.

So, now the question on everyone’s mind is “Yeah, but how do¬†I get in?” Well, I have just the opportunity you might be looking for. Having made my fair share of #CBJ related ‘shops in the past I’ve decided to let you guys show me your stuff (keep it clean!). I’ve got two images courtesy of Chris Blake (@PhotogBlake) below that you can download and work your Photoshop magic on.

But what if I don’t have Photoshop?

No worries! Feel free to use any image editing software you’d like! Photoshop, Gimp, various online image editors or even MS Paint (MS Paint has a certain charm to it that always gets bonus points).


  1. You must be a CBJ fan
  2. You must be able to attend the game on Monday
  3. You must share your experience at the game on your favorite social media platforms almost to the point of annoyance. (Ok maybe not that far… maybe)
  4. Your entry must be PG… ok maybe PG13
  5. Your entry should not be overly negative towards the CBJ
  6. Your entry must be in by 10 am on Saturday

How to enter:

  1. Download either of the two pictures below (click to see the full picture, right click and save as)
  2. Edit the picture however you see fit (make it funny, make it awesome, incorporate a CBJ meme, be creative!)
  3. Email your entry to RedditCBJ(at)gmail(dot)com by noon on Saturday along with your name & social media username
  4. Limit of two entries per person (one of each picture)

How will winners be chosen?

  1. One winner will receive a pair (2) of tickets for my personal favorite entry.
  2. One winner will receive a pair (2) of tickets for the most popular entry as will be decided by public voting which will end at noon on Sunday.

Here are your picture choices:

Clicking the picture will take you to the full size version that you can download.

CBJ Red Wings 1-22-12 065

CBJ Red Wings 1-22-12 177


Good luck and have fun!

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