#CBJ Fan Survey v3.0 – Lockout Edition! — The Results

Thanks to everyone who responded to my 3rd fan survey. I enjoy doing these and it seems you guys like to participate in them. I’ve gone through the results and made some nice graphs for most of the questions. I’ll save the analysis for the end and go straight to the results:

The results -

The average confidence rating was 4.76 out of 10.

Social Media -

I got a lot of good comments about the social media question. It seems most people think the team is doing as well or better than expected. Most people realize that there are some pretty strict limits on what the team is able to do or say. Everyone seems to appreciate the fact that the team is trying to keep CBJ players/prospects fresh in everyone’s mind by talking about what’s going on in the CHL & AHL:

I don’t think they can do much better. Keeping the CBJ followers on Twitter and Facebook up to date with prospects in the CHL and AHL is a great way to handle this. – @Brandonov22

I think they’re doing their best, given the situation they find themselves thrust into. I would only ask that they do whatever they can to make sure the ire of the fans is seen by the people in the organization that actually have a hand in this mess.  They may not be able to say it, but they can pass it up the chain. - @IanBock1

Some thought they were doing a good enough job but provided suggestions on how to possibly improve:

Find a way to livestream Springfield Falcons games. – Anonymous

I am not sure what else they can do. Perhaps highlight Arena District businesses that are open and are being hurt. – @Howye

I would be interested to learn more information about what the Blue Jackets players are doing during the lockout, and ways to follow them should they be playing elsewhere. – @g33k_dad

Others, that are obviously hurt by the lockout and don’t want to be reminded of it constantly, also had suggestions:

Not say much at all.  Nothing worse than reading on face book or other social media stuff about contests and other give aways.  Fans are pissed, be quiet.  - Anonymous

They need to be more sensitive to the people who are actually being screwed in this deal.  The fans.  They seriously put out a Facebook post yesterday encouraging fans to buy gear at the team shop.  - Anonymous

Just wish there was more communication from them. I understand it is a dangerous issue and most attempts they would do to assuage us would feel hollow, but I’d like to see the effort. – @WakeUpChris

Analysis -

On confidence:

  • Of the respondents who rated their confidence in the games being played this season a 6 or higher:
    • 6 of them listed themselves as full or partial season ticket holders, all 6 planned to either renew their current plan or possibly scale back next season. No one intended to stop coming to games.
    • All but 1 person is expecting hockey back by November or December. The other is expecting the first game to be the Winter Classic.
    • All but 4 blame the “rich” owners. The others blame “all owners” (2), Bettman (1) and Fehr (1).
  • Of the respondents who rated their confidence in games being played this season a 5:
    • 100% (4 of 4) of them expect hockey back by “November / Thanksgiving”.
    • 100% of those who listed themselves as a full or partial season ticket holders (2) planned to renew the same plan or possibly a smaller plan next season.
  • Of the respondents who rated their confidence in games being played this season as a 1-4:
    • 92% (11 of 12) listed themselves as full or partial season ticket holders
    • Of those 11, only 2 people planned to renew their full ticket package
    • 3 of those 11 planned to cancel and never come back and one said they would cancel and only come back when Bettman was fired
    • The remainder planned to scale back their ticket packages or cancel their plans and only purchase single game tickets.
    • 58% expect the next NHL game to be played next season
    • The other 42% all say either December or The Winter Classic, no one thinks November is possible.

On getting their hockey fix:

  • All but 5 respondents plan on keeping an eye on NCAA, CHL, AHL or over-seas hockey during the lockout
  • 3 people are planning to learn to skate and possibly to play hockey on their own during the lockout
  • 5 people are planning to get some of their hockey fix by watching or participating in CAHL (Chiller Adult Hockey League) hockey.

Sounding off

I gave people the opportunity to get anything they want off their chest, noting that I would potentially quote them given their permission. Here are some of the things they had to say:

I think people are focusing on one group too much; either they blame the owners completely, or they blame the players entirely. Both groups are at fault here. … What hurts most though is that the fans are being used as a bargaining chip on both sides. We are people, and I feel all we are viewed as are dollar signs. – @WakeUpChris

Its is the “Haves” vs. “The Have Mores” and we are being robbed of the only thing we get out of the relationship, while they simply lose pocket change… - @stefanbneeley

I understand that this lockout is frustrating but I personally don’t think it’s necessary to threaten to kill Bettman, Fehr, owners, etc. I’ve been seeing it a bit here on twitter and its ridiculous that it gets to that level. – @Jeremyfreed

NHL owners are like addicted gamblers. They are up big but want more, so they pull the lever (lockout) one more time in hopes of the jackpot. – Anonymous

Maybe Bettman doesn’t understand the boos, but we still remember the last times they pulled this on us. Fool me once, and all that. They keep this up long enough, I may find other places to spend my hockey dollars. – @IanBock1

This is my first season at a quarter season ticket plan.  I planned to go to a half season next year.  Assuming all games are cancelled, I’m requesting the refund option and I will be hard pressed to even buy a 6 pack next year. – Anonymous

I just hope we can recover. - @therealpmccloud

It sucks, it just really sucks! A lot I my friends were starting to come around hockey and hang out with me in the district and now nothing. I live an hour out of Cbus so I’m not coming up just to hit the R-Bar for a drink or two. Hopefully, it all gets worked out… - @jc3one7

I just wish more fans were realistic about what’s happening…too much sunshine and rainbows…we’re in for a long, drawn out process.  Its ok to be optimistic, but just be realistic.  - Anonymous

You are only hurting people like me. I am very passionate about the sport. I subscribe to NHL Gamecenter and watch 10-15 games a week. I follow 5-7 teams at any given time. I own numerous hockey jerseys. I attend 10-20 games a year. I watched every single post-season game last year. I’ve grown up with the sport. The only thing the lockout does is prohibit my passion. – @steckums

CBJ front office this is my second lockout and you think 4% on my money is a good offer.  Well I am locking myself out now!  At least last time I was able to clean my floors in my house with the Stanley Steamer coupons!   – Anonymous

This is the third NHL work stoppage in the last 18 years. All three have been lockouts, meaning the owners have officially been the negotiating party that has pulled the plug on NHL games. What this means to me is that the owners keep agreeing to collective bargaining agreements that they later come to regret. They are lucky they are getting a third bite at the apple. For the sake of the NHL being viable in Columbus, they better get it right this time. – @gregin120

I have heard countless times from my friends, family, and coworkers who are “casual” fans that were just coming back to enjoying hockey again after the last lockout, and are now throwing up their hands and giving up on hockey altogether.  It makes me sad, because this loss of fans could spell the end for the Blue Jackets in Columbus.  If that were to happen, I could never forgive the NHL again and may join my disenchanted acquaintances and give up on hockey forever. - @g33k_dad

WHARRGARBL. – @ProjectPsion

That’s all I’ve got, thanks for those who stuck around to read this and an extra special thanks to those who took part in the survey!

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