OSU Ice Hockey contingency plan: Phase 2 – Info request & getting on the same page

Quick heads-up, now that the lockout is official, we’re working on finalizing our plans to sit together for some of the upcoming home OSU games. We’re trying to get seats near the front row of the Club level (they only serve alcohol on Club level). I’ve had several people send me their requested ticket plan information but in an attempt to get everyone organized I’ve decided to put together a simple form that I can have you fill out and then on Friday of this week I’ll send all of the information to Jason @ OSU at the same time so that he can make the appropriate arrangements. I apologize that the list of home games in the final question is not easier to read, Google docs doesn’t have much in the way of formatting options for the questions. If you want a better formatted list, as well as a list of potential CBJ game conflicts for when* the season gets started, check out my previous post.

Here’s the form (tip: I had to refresh to get it to show up the first time):

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