The Ohio State Men’s Ice Hockey contingency plan

Wanted to jot down a couple quick details about a plan brewing to go to OSU hockey games as a contingency plan in the event of a prolonged NHL work stoppage:

The games/arena:

  • Most OSU games come in back-to-back series that are played on Friday & Saturday nights.
  • Alcohol is not served on the lower level. You can only buy it on the club level. Tickets are the same price for either.
  • Parking is free.


  • Season tickets are $150 for the full season
  • 4 game packs are available for $36
  • 8 game packs are available for $72

Home games (and potential CBJ conflicts in the event the season begins on time):

  • Weds October 7th vs Waterloo – 2pm (no conflict) — Scrimmage
  • Fri November 9th vs Alaska – TBA (no conflict)
  • Sat November 10th vs Alaska – TBA (LA Kings @ CBJ – 7:00pm)
  • Fri November 16th vs Northern Michigan – TBA (no conflict)
  • Sat November 17th vs Northern Michigan – TBA (CBJ @ San Jose Sharks – 10pm – potential for both)
  • Fri December 7th vs Robert Morris – 7:05pm (CBJ @ Anaheim Ducks – 10pm – potential for both)
  • Fri December 14th vs Miami (OH).
  • Sat December 15th vs Miami (OH) (Phoenix Coyotes @ CBJ – 7pm)
  • Fri January 25th vs Lake Superior St – TBA (no conflict)
  • Sat January 26th vs Lake Superior St – TBA (no conflict)
  • Fri February 1st vs Notre Dame – TBA (no conflict)
  • Sat February 2nd vs Notre Dame – TBA (Minnesota Wild @ CBJ – 7pm)
  • Fri February 15th vs Western Michigan – TBA (no conflict)
  • Sat February 16th vs Western Michigan – TBA (Tampa Bay Lightning @ CBJ – 2pm – potential for both if late OSU game)
  • Fri February 22nd vs Michigan – 6:30pm (CBJ @ Chicago Blackhawks – 8:30pm – potential for both)
  • Sat February 23rd vs Michigan – TBA (CBJ @ Dallas Stars – 8pm)

More details will follow soon. I’ll tweet any updates as I get them.

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