#CBJ Fan Poll v1.0 Results

Thanks to everyone for taking my quick survey today. I gathered 51 responses before the survey randomly stopped working. I’ll get right to the results with some more in-depth analysis below:

Question 1:

(Note: I grouped everyone who suggested trading up for Yakupov and those who thought he might fall to #2 under the Yakupov label)

Question 2:

Question 3:

There’s your basic results, now for an in-depth look at some of the trends:

  • Of the 20 of responses to say the #CBJ should attempt to keep Rick Nash:
    • 30% said he should remain captain
    • 25% said Jack Johnson should be captain (a small percent compared to the overall numbers)
  • Of the 22 responses to say Jack Johnson should be our next Captain only 4 people suggested keeping Nash.
  • Between Ryan Murray (4), Matt Dumba (0) or write-in (0) only 4 people out of 51 suggested drafting defense.
  • Of the 10 responses suggesting the #CBJ draft Filip Forsberg only 1 person suggested keeping Rick Nash.
  • Of the 10 responses suggesting the #CBJ draft a center (Galchenyuk or Grigorenko) 7 people wanted to keep Rick Nash.
  • Both people to suggest the #CBJ trade down at the draft also wanted Rick Nash traded and Jack Johnson to be captain.

Those are about the only interesting trends I noticed. Thanks again for taking my survey!


  1. Would be interesting to see #3 asked two different ways:

    If Nash is still here, who should be captain? If Nash is gone, then who gets the C?

    I wonder how that breaks down when asked as separate scenarios. For myself, even if Nash stays I would rather see a new captain. I don’t think he has to go, but I think he isn’t the leader for this team now.

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