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The Color Run

Recently one of my biggest friends (literally, biggest) has been on a quest to get healthy and shed a lot of unwanted weight. ┬áHe’s in the process of blogging about his journey over at and on twitter at @FGShrinking. As part of his new found quest for a healthier lifestyle he committed to running the Air Force 5K in September. While hanging out with the #CBJ crew at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grandview the other night I got to talking with Chris Walker (@WakeUpChris) about maybe doing the 5K with my buddy. Chris said if I wanted to do it, he would do it too. I checked this morning and unfortunately it’s already sold out so we went in search of an alternative 5K to do here in Columbus this summer.

Color Run Course MapI sent the word out on Twitter that we were looking for a 5K to do and the ever-knowledgeable Dannie (@frickindannie) suggested “The Color Run” on July 21st, which is something I’d never heard of before. After checking out the website ( and watching the video I thought it seemed like a pretty cool idea. The run starts & ends at the Columbus Jazz & Ribs fest which is some pretty great Columbus synergy. By the time I got back to twitter to see if anyone was interested, #CBJ Twitter mom @AlisonL had already decided she was doing it. I suggested we make a team and all run (or walk) the 5K together. After debating on a couple names (my suggestion of “I Union Blue Myself” was rejected) we decided to go with “Columbus Blue-Green-Yellow-Pink Jackets” as those are the different paint color stations we’ll be encountering along the way.

As of last count, we’re up to 9 participants with several more ‘maybes’ still considering it. We’re hoping to get to at least 20 people before all of the event sells out. If you’re interested in joining, click the big “Join” button on the side of the Color Run – Columbus page (or just go directly to the registration page here) and select the “Team Registration” option (you’ll save $5 by joining a team). Fill in all of your personal information and one of the very last options you’ll need to select is “join a team.” Select this option and in the search box type “Jackets” and hit Search. Our team should be the only one listed. Click on the team name and continue to the next page. (Note: If you forget to fill out any required fields you will get an error and have to correct the form. If this happens it appears that your “team” selection is cleared and you’ll have to re-select our team.)

Hope to see you guys out there on July 21st! If you have any questions or comments about the event, check out the event discussion thread at

Here’s the video if you want to see what it’s all about:

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