#CBJ Community Spotlight: @cmanesh_ (Cyrus Manesh)


Cyrus posing menacingly at the #CBJTweetUpDrinkUp

This week’s Tuesday edition of the #CBJ Community Spotlight focuses on a good Twitter buddy of mine, Cyrus Manesh (@cmanesh_). Cyrus was one of the first #CBJ fans from Twitter that I met in the ‘meatworld’. Our day to day interactions and conversations on Twitter spawned several great #CBJ Community Events such as the first #CBJTweetUpDrinkUp and ‘Hockey in the Park’. Ideas I would bounce off of him would get seen by the community at large and before we knew it they went from two guys spitballing ideas to actual scheduled events in the matter of 2-3 hours. Additionally, our great Meme-War leading up to the #CBJTweetUpDrinkUp was the stuff legends are made of.

Who is Cyrus? In his own words:

 I was born and raised in a little town called Los Angeles, CA. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I lived there until the tender age of 14 when a mysterious wizard* instructed me to head East and begin my quest for world domination. When I reached Columbus, I kind of lost interest in world domination. Also, my parents FINALLY got cable.

Not all of that is true. I never lost interest in world domination. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ok that’s enough silliness. For now.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry and I work as a middleware consultant. I go out to comapnies, install and configure their B2B and EDI systems, train them on how to use it, move on to another company and do it all over again. I do hope to one day go back and get my MBA but right now I’m content with just working. I’m a big nerd and enjoy a lot of nerdy things like fantasy and sci-fi books, TV shows and movies, playing Magic the Gathering and pen and paper RPG’s. I also like to play video games; mostly RPG’S and sports games. Oh, and I’m a big internet meme enthusiast. I’ve even been known to make a meme or two.

* This could have just been the homeless guy who hung out in front of the grocery store. I can’t exactly remember. Either way, he had a beard that even Ken would be envious of.

On to the questions!

The easy questions…

1. Favorite #CBJ player & why:

Right now, it has to be Jack Johnson. He came on and provided a spark to the team that was much needed. He stepped up his play from when he was in LA and has emerged as one of the true leaders on the team after only a few weeks with the team.

2. Favorite non-#CBJ player & why:

I’ve always liked Mike Richards game. He’s got the total package: he’s got skill, he can grind, he can fight, he’s a great leader. He’s the guy I wanted the Jackets to get from Philly instead of Carter.

3. Favorite #CBJ moment:

Game 4. I don’t think I need to say much more than that. I’ve never seen a Jackets team play so hard, with such desperation and passion. It’s really a shame they couldn’t win that one, because they certainly deserved to.

4. Favorite general hockey moment:

’93 Cup finals. I was still a big Kings fan then and their run to the finals was pretty amazing.

5. Team you would root for if #CBJ had never existed (not moved):

Probably the Pens. I was a Pens fan before the Jackets were a team so I would’ve probably stayed one.

6. Favorite non-#CBJ jersey:

My Boone Jenner Oshawa Generals jersey.

Some tougher questions:

7. What are your expectations for the #CBJ in the next 1, 3 and 5 years:

1 year: a significant improvement to this year. Maybe not playoffs, but damn close. 3 years: a team that’s solidly in the playoffs and close to contending for the Cup. 5 years: The Stanley Cup.

8. If you were GM of the #CBJ, who do you draft at second overall & why:

I’m still holding out hope that Edmonton takes Murray at #1, leaving Yakupov available at #2. But since that probably won’t happen, I’d like to see Forsberg picked at 2. The Jackets are pretty well set at center with Brass and RyJo and they’ll need a good winger to replace Nash once he’s traded.

9. Would you rather see the #CBJ be more competitive next season but miss the playoffs or get another high draft pick & why:

Be more competitive. They need to start building a foundation for the future and being competitive and winning games is a big part of that. And let’s face it, no one wants to endure another season like the one we just had.

10. Can you list something(s) that you like and something(s) you’d like to see changed with the #CBJ community:

There’s really too much to list that’s awesome about the Jackets community. The fans are a bunch of really great fans and even better people. The one thing that I wanted to see changed has actually changed in the past few weeks, with the club stepping up their game on the social media front.

Final questions:

11. Who are 5 #CBJ twitter accounts you think more people should be following?

The official Blue Jackets Twitter account, Cam Atkinson‘s account, Jack Johnson‘s account, Rob Mixer‘s account (Jackets PR guy and foodie) and Brassard‘s account.

12. Any shout outs you want to give or blogs/twitter accounts you want to help promote?

Well I’d promote my blog, Down Goes Shelly, but the last time I updated it Arniel was still the Jackets coach. So don’t go to my blog. But definitely follow me on Twitter. #ImAwesome

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