#CBJ Community Spotlight: @CBJProspects (Jas Chaffin)

Today’s edition of the #CBJ Community Spotlight features one of the more dedicated #CBJ fans/content creators out there, Jas Chaffin (better known as @CBJProspects or sometimes @en4cer45). Jas puts in more work than probably any other of the #CBJ fan twitter personalities. He’s sending out prospect updates & RT’ing results/quotes at all hours of the day. You’ll often see him posting results from games over in Sweden and providing at least a rough translation. His wealth of knowledge on current and former CBJ prospects, draft picks and players is extraordinary and he’s pretty much always open to answering any questions fans might have. He’s a “must-follow” account, especially with the draft coming up in three weeks.

Who is Jas? In his own words:

I’m the CBJ fanbase’s resident prospect geek/guru keeping up to date on all the prospects even the foreign ones that are a challenge. I also volunteer at the arena doing a little bit of anything when needed. Craig over at FireTheCannon got me into writing a weekly prospect blog and was there for awhile, but currently I’m at theUnionBlue.com with my ramblings.

On to the questions!

The easy questions:

1. Favorite #CBJ player & why:

At the moment im kind of a favorite player free agent leaning towards Ryan Johansen hoping he and whoever we pick 2nd can turn this franchise around and we don’t screw him up like many a 1st rounder.

2. Favorite non-#CBJ player & why:

I doubt ex CBJ players count cause that’d be Jody Shelley. As for a favorite player I’m not sure I try to know a little bit about everybody but as for a favorite player I guess I don’t really have one.

3. Favorite #CBJ moment:

Like a lot of people its gotta be game 4 of the playoffs thats gotta be the loudest and craziest I’ve ever heard Nationwide.

4. Favorite general hockey moment:

All the special events I’ve been to, be it a draft (3 going on 4 I hope), my annual trip to Traverse City or the Frozen Four (including one at where the Detroit Lions play setting a attendance record).

5. Team you would root for if #CBJ had never existed (not moved):

Probably the hack Ohioan answer either the Red Wings or the Penguins since I played roller hockey on teams named after them.

6. Favorite non-#CBJ jersey (in general, not that you own):

Favorite jersey I don’t own…yet (someday) has to be the Red Deer Rebels of the Western Hockey League. I mean how badass is it with the cowskull.

Some tougher questions:

7. What are your expectations for the #CBJ in the next 1, 3 and 5 years:

I just want this team to improve over the next five years I’ll admit I have very low expectations for next season. As for 3 and 5 years from now as I said I just want the team to be better and either challenging for a playoff spot(3) to being in it yearly(5).

8. If you were GM of the #CBJ, who do you draft at second overall & why:

If you follow me you know I’m a big Nail Yakupov fan. With the Nash trade happening the CBJ will need a new goal scorer and a new face and in most of the interviews I’ve seen the kid seems to have a great personality.

9. Would you rather see the #CBJ be more competitive next season but miss the playoffs or get another high draft pick & why:

As the prospect geek I know about players that aren’t eligible until next year and there are some good ones at the top. As I said above I’m not getting my hopes up for next season but I’d take another high pick. Wow I got really negative all of the sudden.

10. Can you list something(s) that you like and something(s) you’d like to see changed with the #CBJ community:

As for the community I can’t think of anything id change you gotta admit for as bad as last year was we way more positive than other fanbases wouldve been after a year like we had.

Final questions:

11. Who are 5 #CBJ twitter accounts you think more people should be following?

  • Well of course I have to promote my home @theunionbluecbj and all the contributors.
  • @RobMixer for all your jackets news
  • @katyloveshockey for all your Springfield Falcon updates
  • @amadaisky Jackets prospect Austin Madaisky for all your techno music needs along with RTs of teammates with sometimes odd photos
  • Not really a CBJ but @chrismpeters he’s a former USA hockey PR guy who really knows his hockey and posts about everything from international tournaments to draft prospects.

12. Any shout outs you want to give or blogs/twitter accounts you want to help promote?

As for shout outs follow me @CBJProspects I also have a personal account @en4cer45 that I talk about anything (be warned) and theUnionBlue.com – join our forums.

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